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Who the heck is Igor Panarin?

NOTE: This is something I started back in February 2018 and I’m just getting back to…


In June 2010, the Atlantic Monthly published a piece titled, Map of the Day: Ex-KGB Analyst Predicts Balkanization of U.S., that advanced the theory that the US would break up into six regions, each falling under the influence of other nations and regions.


Some have described Panarin, an ex-KGB analyst, as a Russian Information Warfare expert. Regardless, he has held positions of influence within the Soviet/Russian intelligence services, but we in America have heard very little of this man.

He has advocated for Russia to create it’s own Internet, separate from the Internet we all use today. This would allow Russia to control information more closely and prevent others from injecting harmful information into the Russian society.

Anyone who reads open source information about this guy will not find it hard to see his views about using social media to undermine Russia’s adversaries.

Fast forward to the 2016 US election cycle–the Panarin worldview is all over the Russian effort to meddle in our election process using social media.  Look to the hard and vast differences between our liberals and conservatives, the rise of radical groups promoting violence and even California talking about breaking away from the United States or breaking up into many smaller states. And don’t forget the endless investigations and non-stop sniping at each other.

The only way to defeat the Russian effort is to remember who we are and to talk to one another, rather than yelling or throwing stones at each other.  Sadly, it’s hard to imagine American unity anytime soon.

I’m sure that somewhere Igor is sipping his vodka and smiling.

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