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  • The Future of Shopping

    Today, when I go to my local HEB (grocery store for those who do not live in Texas), I find myself weaving around a variety of “personal shoppers” and their multi-level carts as they select items for as many as eight customers at a time. This is not a criticism of HEB, they, like others,… Continue reading

  • Let’s Bring Back the Draft

    My wife and I have one child, a daughter, and she must be the most photographed and videotaped child in America.  Recent, my wife was going through old VHS tapes and transferring them to DVD’s.  By the time she is done we probably will not be using DVDs anymore and will have to convert to… Continue reading

  • The Spiral Down and the Journey Back

    Because Biden should never have been elected in the first place. Continue reading

  • What is this all about?

    It has been a rough couple of years. A virus, then a pandemic. People ordered to work while others ordered to stay home. Segments of the economy shut down–mask mandates, stay at home mandates, testing mandates, vaccine mandates and now termination mandates for non-compliance. It is all complicated and made more complicated by throwing politics… Continue reading

  • Crime and Disorder

    A few days into August, I was looking for information about what is going on in Portland.  I know there protest and riots have continued, but extraordinarily little actual reporting has reached my screen. I try not to accept at face value every post I read in social media, (I hope you don’t either) I… Continue reading

  • Blurring the Line Between Fiction and Fact

    Please read the news report in the link below and then come back: https://www.newscientist.com/article/2293908-us-military-may-get-a-dog-like-robot-armed-with-a-sniper-rifle/ I like firearms. I think we should have firearms. I am an absolute supporter of the 2nd Amendment, but this is one scary weapon platform. The story says, “It is fully controlled by a remote operator. There is a human controlling… Continue reading

  • Rights v. Power

    So, let me start with I am not a lawyer…and I do not play one on TV…But over the last 35+ years I have been more than a casual observer and I have some observations related to the various restrictions that have been imposed on the American public. Based on past Supreme Court decisions I… Continue reading

  • I Am Prejudiced

    I am prejudiced.  I am a retired cop and I am prejudiced…and always was.  There I said it. I had in my soul a deep-seated bias that influenced my every action the entire thirty years that I worked in the profession. I was biased against people who harmed children and robbed them of the innocence… Continue reading

  • 1918 Spanish Flu and Today

    I’m doing some reading on the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 in an effort to better understand our current situation. Some of the information I have found include: 1. The Spanish Flu did not originate in Spain. It was an H1N1 flu, likely originating in China. Today we call the H1N1 “swine flu” because it… Continue reading

  • Right, Left and the Middle

    Something I wrote in 2004 while I was bored… You would think that buying a small spiral notebook would be a simple thing. As I entered the store, I has a mental picture of what I wanted—a basic spiral notebook with about one hundred six inch by nine inch pages. Simple. As I entered the… Continue reading