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I Am Prejudiced

I am prejudiced.  I am a retired cop and I am prejudiced…and always was. 

There I said it.

I had in my soul a deep-seated bias that influenced my every action the entire thirty years that I worked in the profession.

I was biased against people who harmed children and robbed them of the innocence of youth.  I was prejudiced against those who would victimize the elderly and took all that they had.  I especially worked hard to lock up those who sold poison on our streets—the same poison that took people’s motivation, health, and self-respect and in the end destroyed their relationships and robbed them of their potential.

Yes, during my entire career, I was prejudiced against those that would harm others and violate the laws of civil society.

I did not care what the criminal looked like, other than it helped me get the positive identification necessary to win a conviction.  I did not care where they lived, other that it helped me find them and arrange other living accommodations.

Yes, I am a retired cop and YES I was prejudiced against criminals, all criminals, and I was prejudiced in favor of honest people just trying to enjoy life and provide for their families…people who just needed a hand keeping the wolves at bay.

But today, the wolves have returned with a vengeance and now it is our officers who need a hand.  They still stand there, fighting the good fight, but they need our support…and our job is to elect the right people who will give them the tools and opportunity to do the job we need done.

Without our support, the officers willing to stand and defend us will dwindle, while the evil tearing at the fabric of our society will continue to gain strength.

The decision about what kind of society we will live in is in your hands.

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