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What is this all about?

It has been a rough couple of years. A virus, then a pandemic. People ordered to work while others ordered to stay home. Segments of the economy shut down–mask mandates, stay at home mandates, testing mandates, vaccine mandates and now termination mandates for non-compliance. It is all complicated and made more complicated by throwing politics into the mix too.

So up front let me say this…I am a conservative, I have not been vaccinated, but I did contract the virus and I recovered…my wife too, and my mother.

Some of us are not in a hurry to stick our arm out for a vaccine. For some it may be a religious issue, for others it may be a health issue, and for others it is simply we do not care for the government dictating what happens to our bodies and trying to regulate every aspect of our lives.

When this all started, during the last Republican administration, the Democrats said the President was a fearmonger that everyone should continue to live their lives, the President was racist for imposing travel restrictions based on where the virus originated and where it was the most prevalent. Blue states and Red states took different approaches.

The last President worked to get a vaccine developed at “warp speed” and national Democrats said that they would not take any vaccine pushed by the Republican President.

Then the mandates started. Wear a mask, stay home, businesses closed and economies slowed. Blue states became the most extreme in their lock downs while Red states were the least restrictive. It became an “us verses them” battle within out society.

Then a new President, a Democrat, and suddenly the vaccine that they vehemently opposed is now all the rage…everyone has to have one.

And those big pharma companies with the vaccine, they are raking in huge money. While only some people take cholesterol medication or cancer treatments, they are pushing for everyone on the planet to take this vaccine…a vaccine for a virus that has a better than 98% recovery rate.

In the early days of this pandemic, medical staff and police and firefighters/paramedics were all hailed as heroes…they were required to work and face the hazards, while others sat a home and hid behind masks. But now, while many (by some estimates about 1/3 of Americans) question the vaccine, we are seeing mandates to terminate employment and ostracize those who do not fall in line and roll up their sleeve.

So what is all this about? I have a theory…some may say a conspiracy theory…

Are you one of the people, the 1/3 third of Americans who are saying, “not so fast”? Do you view yourself as a conservative, moderate or liberal. I’ll bet that you are a middle of the road or right of center kind of person, and the people pushing the mandates and terminations are left of center and in many cases are so far left they are driving in the ditch…which is where they are trying to take our country…into the ditch.

Just as we have seen blue cities and states wage a war against law enforcement we are now seeing a war against moderates and conservatives, people who happen to believe in law and order, in the form of these mandates. This war involves destroying reputations, ruining family finances and ending careers. They seek to push us out of the societal structure so they can dominate and control the narrative and the course of the future. In the process they are attacking everything that has led to this nation becoming the dominate world power and they seek to tear down everyone who seeks to create and produce. They seek anarchy.

So I ask, do you roll over and roll up your sleeve while protecting your comfort or, do you stand and say hell no while risking the wrath of a government out of control?

Which path do you find yourself on?

“Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you.”
― Joseph Heller, Catch-22

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