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The Spiral Down and the Journey Back

Inflation, crime, gas prices, the economy and more are all going in the wrong direction and only one person is responsible for the chaos…Former President Donald Trump.

No, I’m not a liberal…I’m a conservative Republican and I am blaming Donald Trump for everything that is going wrong in our country today.

Yes, Joe Biden is the President.  Yes, the tailspin our country is experiencing is the direct result of Joe Biden’s policies.

So, why do I blame Trump? 

Because Biden should never have been elected in the first place. And its Trump’s failures, caused by his ego, that got Joe Biden elected…nothing else.

I supported Trump’s policies.  We saw an incredible track record of success…until the pandemic hit.  But, even with the pandemic, his policies were already putting us on the path to recovery.

The problem was, and is, his ego…and his inability to allow an insult to go unchallenged.  He engaged in tit-for-tat verbal fights that were beneath the Office of the President of the United States…his ego just would not allow him to shut the hell up for the good of the country.

During the election, Biden’s history was clear…his abilities were/are beneath the office…and yet, despite his near 50-year history of lackluster perform and failed policy positions…millions decided that they would rather have him than a president who went out of his way to alienate and insult just about everyone who disagreed with him or who had a different perspective. Democracy requires varied perspectives in the process…but Trump’s ego and need to be the big dog set up the election result that allowed Joe Biden to win.

Do I think there were some voting irregularities?  Yes, many do, and many do not.  That was yesterday, and there is no changing yesterday, we must look to tomorrow and the next day and the next.  Most of the electorate does not care about 2020 they want to focus on 2024 and every day after.  We want to survive until 2024 so we can choose a different path.  Sure, November 2022 is a steppingstone to that change, but somethings will not change until January 2025.

Unfortunately, Trump has not learned anything, and he cannot stop banging on the 2020 drum.  For that reason, he is simply the wrong person for 2024.  He cannot bring the unity this country desperately needs and even if he were to be elected, he would become a lame duck the moment his hand came off the Bible.

Right now, I like Ron DeSantis…I also like Mike Pompeo…but it is too early.

Regardless of who jumps in the Republican primary, and I suspect there will be many, the one person who should not be there is Donald Trump.

2 responses to “The Spiral Down and the Journey Back”

  1. Very cogent essay. Very well stated. The bombastic antics of Trump hurt him in the end, I believe.

    Ronald DeSantis absolutely. I wrote this the other night, curious what you may think:


    Just discovered your blog and enjoy your viewpoints…have a great weekend!!

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  2. Except we have to remember that Trump did get elected in 20016. (a plethora of reasons brought that about) But powers that be were not going to allow him to carry out his term like any other prez. Whoever it is…. it better be someone with some fight and ability in them.

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