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–Las Vegas, Nevada
January 1, 2021

Staff Reports

The Governor of California announced this morning the State of California has, as of 12:01 this morning, seceded from the United States and is now the Peoples Republic of California. He took this action based on the passage of Prop 321, which was approved by the voters in the November 2020 election. The Governor could not act sooner because of delays by the Secretary of State to certify the election, which did not happen until Christmas Eve.

Many people question what this all means in a practical sense.

The Governor’s executive order named himself as president and the existing state officers as his cabinet, although their exact duties are not clear. The new president has ordered all lands and property of the US Government to be seized and turned over to the new Republic, while all US employees are ordered to leave the state immediately.

For the moment, California does not have a constitution. A convention will have to be convened to draft a new national constitution and define how the new nation will proceed—or perhaps the new president will write it himself, no one knows for sure.

Anyone who desires to retain their US citizenship is required to leave California within 15 days; however, no one will be permitted to remove more than $200,000 in total assets from California and any assets left behind will become property of California. Those residents remaining in California will be required to surrender any assets in excess of $1,000,000. Anyone living in California and wishes to remain will be granted citizenship effective immediately.

All places of worship have been ordered closed and their property and assets have been seized by California.

All public and municipal utilities have been seized by the new president and fuel rationing has been imposed. All media outlets have been seized and all news will be disseminated by the President’s Office of Public Information.

The president has imposed martial law and established a curfew between 8:00 p.m. and 7 a.m.

The former California National Guard is now the Army of the Peoples Republic of California and all law enforcement agencies are now part of the California Security Force under the authority of the new president. California security forces have been deployed to all entry points to prohibit entry from the US. The president also declared that all firearms in possession of private citizens must be surrendered immediately. Anyone refusing to surrender their firearms will be arrested and imprisoned.

Initial reports indicate that US president has put all US military installations worldwide on high alert and have restricted access. The 82nd Airborne has reportedly air dropped subordinate units into various installations in California, while the 1st Infantry division had been deployed by convoy enroute to Northern California and the 101st Air Assault has been moved to Idaho. Two US naval carrier groups have been deployed to California to cover the California coast and to provide air support for any military action that may occur. US Marshals and FBI agents, with military escorts have been ordered to locate and arrest the Governor and anyone who assist him.

Additional updates will be provided as available.

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