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  • My Path

    I have never been very secure in my own writing.  I always question if it is worthy of being read or even for the space the words occupy. Part of this insecurity may come from my own introverted nature, my desire to hold back and watch rather than to boldly assert myself as so many… Continue reading

  • Purpose

    Today, my daughter walked across the stage at California Baptist University to receive her Masters degree. Every where I looked I saw the tag line, “Live Your Purpose”. I thought about those three works for quite a while.  It occurred to me that many people do not have, or do not seem to have, a… Continue reading

  • What if?

    –Las Vegas, Nevada January 1, 2021 Staff Reports The Governor of California announced this morning the State of California has, as of 12:01 this morning, seceded from the United States and is now the Peoples Republic of California. He took this action based on the passage of Prop 321, which was approved by the voters… Continue reading

  • Cold War II

    I DO NOT CONDONE ANY FOREIGN INTERFERENCE IN OUR DEMOCRACY…but, let’s talk. The world celebrated the end of the Cold War with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the break up of the Soviet Union. Study our history and you will find the Cold War was more than occupying land, propping up puppet leaders… Continue reading

  • Family

    My dad died when I was 25 and before he died I never took much interest in family history.  Unfortunately, by the time my dad died his older brothers, two of his sisters, and both of his parents had all died.  Dad didn’t talk much about the past or family. Added to that, there wasn’t… Continue reading

  • What?

    If you read my profile you will find that it says that I am “a son of Tennessee, born in exile”.  You may wonder what that means. My ancestors arrived in Tennessee in 1804 and remained there until 1957 when my parents married and moved from Middle Tennessee and went to the Chicago area, where… Continue reading

About Me

An English diarist and naval administrator. I served as administrator of the Royal Navy and Member of Parliament. I had no maritime experience, but I rose to be the Chief Secretary to the Admiralty under both King Charles II and King James II through patronage, diligence, and my talent for administration.